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Chad Oster

Senior Construction Project Manager / Private Client Market Director / Stockholder

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Crystal Malenofski, PE, SE

project manager / Structural Leader

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Dixie Martell

Accounting leader

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Jason Isaacson, PE

Project Manager / Construction Leader

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John Beckfield, PE

Vice President / Director of Markets / New State Market Director

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Jon Strand, PE

Senior Project Manager / Municipal Market Director / Board of Directors Member

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Katie Tasker

Marketing Leader

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Kim Grabinski

Architecture leader

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Kristi Lentz

Administrative Leader / Human Resource Director

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Neil Bowe, PLS

Survey / Plat Leader / Stockholder / Board of Directors Member

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Sheryl Tasker, PE

President / Founder / Stockholder / Board of Directors Member

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Tammy Tucker, PE

Senior Project Manager / Operations Director / Stockholder / Board of Directors Member

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Tia McCarthy, PE

Project Manager / Water / Wastewater Leader

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Tyler Hastings, PE

Project manager / civil design leader

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This company is a wonder to work with and the staff are amazing.

Derek Entrekin

Edwin Marie

This was the largest project Chippewa County has completed in quite some time and it went extremely well.

Brian Kelley

Chippewa County Highway Commissioner
Wisconsin DOT

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