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Meet Jon: Our Expert Civil and Municipal Engineer

With over 33 years of experience in civil and municipal engineering projects, Jon is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in project conception, planning, design, and implementation. Jon has worked on a diverse range of projects, including wastewater treatment, water distribution systems, roadway systems, drainage system improvements, and more.

Comprehensive Planning and Feasibility Assessment

As a comprehensive planning and feasibility assessment expert, Jon provides vital insights into the practicality and feasibility of proposed projects. His ability to conduct vulnerability assessments and emergency response plans helps our clients make informed decisions and prepare for any unforeseen events.

Design and Implementation

Jon's experience in design calculations, layout, and pilot testing, along with his ability to prepare plans, specifications, and cost estimates, ensures that our projects are delivered with precision and accuracy. He also oversees construction observation, startup training, plant commissioning, and closeout documentation.

Project Funding Expertise

Jon is experienced in coordinating project funding with various organizations such as USDA Rural Development, the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program, and the Community Development Block Grant Program. His expertise in securing project funding ensures that we can complete projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

Commercial Area Rehabilitation

Jon is an expert in commercial area rehabilitation, and his experience in major and minor roadway systems, drainage system improvements, and sanitary collection system improvements has helped us deliver exceptional results to our clients.

Collaborative and Results-Driven

Jon is a collaborative and results-driven member of our team. His extensive knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail make him a valuable asset to our clients. He is committed to delivering high-quality projects that meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations.

Jon Strand, PE