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At CBS², we understand the critical role agriculture plays in our communities. That's why we're here to offer unwavering support and guidance as you navigate the complex world of NRCS, DNR, and DATCP requirements.

With our expert team of engineers, architects, and surveyors, we're equipped to evaluate your funding options and provide the assistance you need to ensure the success of your agricultural growth.

Our focus on delivering exceptional client services means that we're dedicated to completing your project within your timeframe and budget, without ever compromising on quality. For us, each project is an exciting adventure that we're eager to embark upon alongside you. So why not join forces with CBS2 today and let's explore the endless possibilities of agricultural growth together?

Agricultural Engineering Services:
  • Existing Facility Improvements
  • Stormwater Permitting & Design
  • Manure Transfer Design
  • Manure Storage Design: Earthen, Synthetic, & Concrete Lagoons
  • Feed Storage Pad Design
  • Leachate Storage & Transfer Design
  • Sand Separation Structures
  • Flush Systems
  • Full Site Design
  • Vegetated Treatment Area
  • WPDES, County, NRCS, & DNR Permitting
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other services

Land Surveying/Geospatial

Seasoned professionals providing precise and reliable survey data collection services, leveraging cutting-edge technology.

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Construction Oversight

Delivering precise, top-notch results with a skilled and experienced construction administration team.

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Our work is built on a comprehensive blend of studies, evaluations, new construction, expansion, renovation, and alteration projects.

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