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Witness history and charm converge in Augusta, WI. The iconic Dells Mill, a symbol of the past, sets the stage for a breathtaking bridge project. Tourists can now capture unforgettable moments from a 6-ft wide viewing platform. Marvel at the elegance of a type NY4 steel railing and artful concrete staining. Lunda Construction's craftsmanship shines, honored with the 2022 Outstanding Highway Construction Award. A masterpiece blending heritage and engineering awaits.

Where History Meets Charm

In the peaceful setting just north of Augusta, WI, a remarkable project unfolded on CTH V. This location holds the key to a rich heritage, with the historic and picturesque Dells Mill standing tall since 1864—a water-powered flour and feed mill that captures the essence of a past era.

Captivating Views for the Adventurous Soul

Nestled beside the beloved Dells Mill, the bridge's final design was a testament to preserving the location's natural beauty and enchantment. Tourists now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in its splendor, capturing unforgettable moments.

To elevate the experience, a 6-ft wide viewing platform was placed on the bridge's south side. Accessible via a newly constructed sidewalk from the east, it serves as a gateway to breathtaking panoramas that await eager explorers.

Aesthetics Redefined: Artistry in Steel and Stone

Gone are the days of conventional bridge features. Here, the ordinary is transformed into extraordinary. A bold move for aesthetic purposes: a type NY4 steel railing replaced the concrete parapet on the bridge's south side, introducing elegance and sophistication.

The abutments and wingwalls were meticulously treated with an architectural surface, employing concrete staining techniques to emulate the allure of natural stone. Marvel at the structure from the mill or gaze upon its grace from the tranquil Dells Mill Pond—the sight is a testament to artistic ingenuity.

Masterful Craftsmanship: Lunda Construction's Triumph

Behind this grand transformation stands Lunda Construction, the prime contractor responsible for bringing this vision to life. With their expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, they constructed a bridge that seamlessly blends history and contemporary engineering.

Celebrating Excellence: 2022 Outstanding Highway Construction Award

The world took notice of this extraordinary endeavor. Honoring its ingenuity and meticulous execution, the project proudly received the 2022 Outstanding Highway Construction Award in the Small Structure Category—a testament to the dedication and skill that made this bridge a true masterpiece.

The deliverables for this project included Final Construction Documentation.

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