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Introducing John: Founder / Vice President of Markets

Meet John, our Vice President of Markets, with over 26 years of experience in Transportation Engineering. John is a highly experienced engineer with an exceptional record of managing various projects from conception to completion, including bridge, rural and urban projects.

Exceptional Experience

John has extensive experience in developing conceptual plans, completing permits and reports, and managing projects, making him an expert in his field. His knowledge and expertise extend across several sectors, including WisDOT and local government projects.

Mentoring and Leading

As our Vice President of Markets, John’s role involves mentoring younger engineers, leading larger design projects, and client outreach. He is dedicated to growing our team and ensuring that we continue to deliver high-quality engineering services to our clients.

Hands-on Approach

John has a hands-on approach to his work and is always willing to jump in when needed, even taking an active role in construction observation projects. He is committed to providing exceptional service and bringing his expertise to every project.

John Beckfield, PE


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