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project overview

CBS² oversaw the $4M Goose Island project in La Crosse County's Veteran's Memorial Park, which included the widening of CTH GI, reconstruction of campground roads, and replacement of numerous culverts. With careful planning and public involvement, CBS² ensured a successful project for the community and the environment, while considering the high level of activity and the significant environmental and public relations components of the park. Public involvement techniques included multi-lingual pamphlets, website updates, public information meetings, and multi-lingual translation services for both Asian and Spanish ethnicities.

Project Overview

CBS² provided engineering services for a project on Goose Island in La Crosse County’s Veteran’s Memorial Park. Our responsibilities included overseeing the overall project management and public involvement. The project scope involved rehabilitating and reconstructing 1.8 miles on CTH GI, widening lanes, reconstructing campground roads and boat landings, replacing culverts, and installing a stop log drainage control structure. The project was funded through the Federal Lands Access Program and La Crosse County.

Park Functionality

Goose Island operates like an urban roadway system due to the high level of activity it experiences from different types of vehicles and pedestrian traffic. This includes low-speed limits, large recreational vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians. As a result, careful planning was necessary for the staged construction and access to the various recreational features available on the island.

Environmental and Public Relations Components

Goose Island's lease by La Crosse County from the Army Corps of Engineers and its location within a US Fish and Wildlife refuge make it an environmentally and culturally significant area. As a popular tourist destination, the project's impact on the island's wildlife resource and tourism must be taken into account. CBS²'s expertise in agency coordination and environmental documentation has been critical in ensuring the project's successful execution and minimizing any negative effects on the environment and public relations.

Public Involvement

To ensure community involvement in the project, various techniques were employed, such as the distribution of multi-lingual pamphlets, website updates, public information meetings, and translation services for both Asian and Spanish ethnicities. The success of the project was also heavily reliant on construction scheduling, timing, and information distribution. Tourists had to be made aware of the construction season, the expectations, and the staging required for their safe use of the park while under construction. Therefore, it was crucial to prioritize information distribution to ensure public awareness, safety, and project success.

Deliverables for this project included:

  • Environmental documentation
  • Public involvement
  • Design reports
  • Utility coordination
  • Agency coordination
  • Preliminary& final roadway designs
  • Archeology/History
  • PS&E
  • Construction Oversight

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