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project overview

The USH 18 project in Prairie du Chien, Crawford County, was a transformative infrastructure improvement initiative that redefined the area's transportation landscape. CBS², a leading engineering and design firm, designed this 3.5-mile, 4-lane reconstruction and expansion project to improve the existing USH 18 roadway from a 2-lane facility to a 4-lane divided roadway, spanning from South Town Lane to the Wisconsin River Bridge in the Town of Bridgeport.

The $17 million project was implemented in several phases, each featuring innovative design solutions to meet the community's unique needs. CBS²'s team of experts collaborated with local stakeholders to ensure that the project delivered tangible benefits, including improved safety, reduced congestion, and enhanced connectivity.

The expanded roadway featured state-of-the-art design elements, such as dedicated bike lanes, sidewalks, and green spaces, that catered to the community's diverse transportation needs. CBS²'s approach to the project incorporated sustainability practices, ensuring that the roadway was environmentally friendly and had minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

The USH 18 project showcased CBS²'s ability to deliver complex infrastructure initiatives that meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and functionality. Their innovative design solutions and community-focused approach ensured that the project exceeded expectations, improving the quality of life for the residents and businesses in the area.

The USH 18 project in Prairie du Chien, Crawford County was a massive undertaking that required innovative solutions and careful planning to minimize disruptions to the community. One of the key features of the project was the reconstruction of the complex 3-legged USH 18 and STH 60 intersection. The team evaluated various options, including modifying the existing configuration or constructing a roundabout to improve traffic flow.

The project also included the design of 12 intersections, each with its own unique complexities, and the reduction of side road access points through realignment and combination of various roads. The construction of a new 4-lane 2-span bridge over a stream and three new box culverts, and modifications to the Wisconsin River Bridge were also crucial components of the project. One of the box culverts was over 700’ long and required a large settling basin to reduce the velocity and energy of the water. The team coordinated with the WDNR and USCOE to ensure that the realignment and widening met the new box culvert and bridge layouts.

The project team made every effort to minimize disruptions to traffic flow and residents. The traffic control was designed to maintain traffic on the mainline and side streets throughout the entirety of construction. The structures were constructed half at a time while always maintaining streamflow. The development of a Transportation Project Plat (TPP) also included significant takings and residential relocation.

The extensive Trans 220 utility coordination involved numerous utility companies, with most requiring significant compensable relocations. Overall, the project required careful planning and coordination to ensure the end result was a safe and efficient roadway that met the needs of the community.

  • Environmental Documents
  • Haz Mat Assessment Phase 1
  • Design Reports & TMP
  • Trans 220Utility Coordination
  • Agency Coordination
  • Public Involvement
  • TPP & R/W Staking
  • ICE with Roundabout Evaluation
  • Stream channel realignment
  • Multi–use path design
  • Storm sewer design
  • Structure designs (2-span Bridge & 3 Box Culverts)
  • Sign bridge designs
  • MSE block wall design
  • Prelim &final roadway design & plans
  • PS&E

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