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project overview

CBS² was entrusted to provide top-notch design services for the USH 12 in Dunn County. This 5-mile rural perpetuation project, completed for WisDOT's Northwest Region, commenced in June 2019, with final plans submitted in February 2020, culminating in an impressive eight-month turnaround. The accelerated schedule was requested to maximize additional funding and address poor pavement quality, reflecting CBS²'s commitment to meeting clients' needs while providing efficient and effective solutions.

The USH 12 project is a showcase of CBS²'s ability to provide innovative design solutions that meet clients' unique needs while navigating complex project requirements. It also reflects their commitment to delivering high-quality work that benefits the community and adds value to the infrastructure.

The existing pavement on USH 12 was milled and overlaid with the same depth of asphalt, while existing beam guard and cross culverts were replaced or repaired, significantly extending the life of the roadway. The project required coordination with the Bureau of Aeronautics due to its proximity to the Menomonie Municipal Airport on its western limits, adding a layer of complexity to the project. Despite these challenges, CBS²'s team was undeterred, demonstrating their expertise in delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.

USH 12 was let in June 2020. To ensure the project's success, the CBS² team took the time to understand the community's needs and expectations for the updated roadway. They also performed in-depth analysis of similar projects, gaining knowledge and expertise to anticipate potential challenges and mitigate risks during the bidding and construction phases. Their attention to detail and community-oriented approach ensured that the project received one bid within 0.5% of the PSE estimate, a testament to CBS²'s ability to deliver on their promises.

  • Field Surveys
  • PCE Environmental Document
  • Asphaltic Mill & Overlay Design
  • Rural Drainage Design
  • Public Involvement
  • Trans 220Utility Coordination
  • Agency Coordination

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At CBS Squared, our mission is to positively impact our communities and environment by providing exceptional architectural, engineering, survey, and construction management & oversight services to our clients.


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