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project overview

This project involves the development of a multi-purpose facility that encompasses various key components necessary for efficient operations. With a budget of $23 million, CBS² is proud to announce the project has been completed $1 million under budget, showcasing our commitment to cost-effective planning and execution.

CBS² guided St. Croix County in selecting an ideal site from 13 options across three communities. We performed site evaluations, ensuring a perfect match for their vision. Additionally, we successfully removed excess chloride from wastewater using cutting-edge techniques, transforming it into an environmentally friendly resource. Our expertise extended to water management, overseeing perched water and drain tile installations. This showcased our precision and commitment to sustainable practices. Overall, we proved to be a trusted partner, delivering exceptional outcomes and innovative solutions.
Fluid Storage and Management System

The main building covers an expansive area of over 132,000 square feet, designed to accommodate a range of essential functions. This includes a fuel island and canopy, specifically engineered for seamless fueling operations. The fuel system design comprises 40,000-gallon tanks, pumps, and accompanying accessories such as card readers, ensuring a streamlined and secure fueling experience. Additionally, CBS² incorporated a fluid storage, dispensing, and management system to ensure optimal efficiency and safety.

Fleet Support

CBS² included over 68,000 square feet of heated truck storage. This space provides a climate-controlled environment for maintaining and protecting our valuable assets. Furthermore, 17,000 square feet was allocated for maintenance and repair bays, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate efficient servicing and upkeep.

Environmental Sustainability

The facility includes a 4,000 square foot Wash Bay/Water Harvesting System. This system allows for efficient vehicle washing while collecting and repurposing water resources. Moreover, 22,000 square feet was dedicated to salt and salt sand storage, with a new Brine Mixing System in place to support our winter maintenance operations effectively.

Seamless Maintenance Operations

Vehicle lifts were incorporated, including 10-ton and 5-ton traveling bridge cranes. These lifting systems offer the necessary support for efficient maintenance and repairs. Additionally, a dedicated 6,000 square foot welding shop has been integrated to cater to specialized repair and fabrication requirements.

Storage and Administrative Area

In addition to heated spaces, 20,000 square feet was allocated for unheated equipment and materials storage. This area ensures proper organization and safekeeping of essential resources. Additionally, a separate 65,000 square foot unheated storage building provides ample space for various storage needs.

11,000 square feet was included for parts and sign storage, ensuring accessibility and organization of vital components. Furthermore, the facility includes 15,000 square feet of administrative and office area, equipped with conference rooms, locker rooms, and additional storage spaces. A prominent feature of the office area is a large skylight, providing natural lighting and creating an inviting work environment.

Emergency Shelter Center

Finally, it is essential to note that the multi-purpose facility serves as an emergency shelter center, ensuring the safety and well-being of our personnel during unforeseen events. By combining functionality, efficiency, and emergency preparedness, CBS² created a comprehensive facility that supports our operational needs while prioritizing the welfare of staff.

This $23 million project has successfully delivered a cutting-edge multi-purpose facility, boasting a range of features such as fuel and fluid management systems, extensive storage capacities, top-notch maintenance facilities, and administrative spaces. With its multi-faceted design and emergency shelter capabilities, this facility is poised to serve as a cornerstone of St. Croix County's operations for years to come.

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