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project overview

CBS²'s team of multi-talented mastermind architects took charge of the new maintenance facility project for Sheboygan County. The existing buildings, which were originally used to dry and make hemp ropes during WWII, were falling apart and suffering from major issues such as a lack of insulation and environmental code deficiencies. After reviewing a prior study completed by another architect, our team discovered errors in space allocations and cost estimates and compiled more cost/benefit information. Our findings led to the decision to build a new facility that would meet the County's 20-year plan. With an estimated construction cost of $24.8 million, we managed to keep the project under budget with actual bid costs of $24.6 million.

Our project involves the development of a comprehensive multi-purpose facility that encompasses various key components necessary for efficient operations. With an estimated budget of $24.85 million, our goal is to create a state-of-the-art facility that meets our operational requirements and provides a conducive working environment.
Main Facility

The main facility spans an impressive area of over 137,000 square feet and is designed to accommodate diverse functions. Key features include a specialized fuel island and canopy design, meticulously planned to facilitate seamless fueling operations. The fuel system comprises 10,000-gallon tanks, pumps, and accessories such as card readers, ensuring a secure and streamlined fueling experience. Additionally, the facility incorporates a comprehensive fluid storage, dispensing, and management system, catering to the diverse needs of our operations.

Coordinated Utility Installations

As part of the project, we are coordinating new utility installations to enhance the functionality of the facility. This includes the installation of a sanitary sewer force main, upgrades to existing systems, water service extensions, and stormwater ponding. Our team provides assistance with site selection to optimize utility installations.

Fleet Support

The facility includes dedicated areas to meet the operational requirements of our fleet. We have allocated 64,000 square feet of climate-controlled space for heated truck storage, ensuring the proper maintenance and protection of our valuable fleet assets. Moreover, 21,000 square feet of maintenance and repair bays equipped with cutting-edge equipment facilitate efficient servicing and repairs. A dedicated welding bay is also incorporated to address specialized repair and fabrication needs.

Salt and Salt Sand Storage

To support our winter maintenance operations, we have allocated space for the storage of a combined 8,000 tons of salt and salt sand. This provision ensures ample resources for maintaining safe and accessible roadways during inclement weather conditions.

Equipment Storage

A designated area of 30,000 square feet is allocated for unheated equipment storage, allowing for organized and secure storage of essential equipment. Outside materials storage areas are also provided to accommodate larger equipment and materials.

Administrative Area

Our facility includes an administrative area spanning 8,400 square feet, featuring locker rooms, offices, a training room, conference rooms, and a media/mail room. This area is designed to support the administrative needs of our staff, providing them with comfortable and functional workspaces.

Security and Access Systems

To ensure the safety and security of the facility, we have implemented a comprehensive security and access system. Closed-circuit TV surveillance and proximity card readers are utilized to enhance site and building security measures.

Equipment and Facilities

Our facility is equipped with various shops, including a sign shop, to cater to the diverse operational needs of our organization. Additionally, a parts room is dedicated to the organized storage and accessibility of vital components. A wash bay featuring a partial vehicle/equipment wash system enables effective cleaning and maintenance.

Lifts and Hoists

To facilitate maintenance operations, our facility is equipped with lifts, hoists, and a 10-ton bridge crane. These systems provide the necessary support for efficient equipment maintenance and repairs.

CBS² showcased exceptional adaptability and expertise by thoroughly re-evaluating the project based on previously underreported information. This proactive approach allowed for accurate planning and decision-making. We efficiently provided the site with reliable potable water access and assessed the feasibility of connecting it to sewer services, ensuring seamless integration. Our meticulous planning and project management ensured that construction work met our client's funding and completion requirements. Overall, CBS Squared's role involved refining the project, assessing essential services, and orchestrating construction plans, resulting in a successful outcome that met our client's expectations.

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At CBS Squared, our mission is to positively impact our communities and environment by providing exceptional architectural, engineering, survey, and construction management & oversight services to our clients.


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