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project overview

Due to the unique topography of the City of Cumberland and its surrounding water bodies, the municipality faces particular challenges in managing its infrastructure. The City currently operates and maintains 15 lift stations and over 13,000 feet of force main. This is a significant amount of infrastructure for a municipality the size of Cumberland.

However, the majority of these lift stations are in need of upgrades or replacement, and a significant portion of the force main requires replacement, rehabilitation, or insulation to prevent freezing issues. The City recognized the urgency of these improvements to ensure the efficient functioning of its wastewater management system.

In addition to upgrading the existing collection system, the City had a pressing need to extend utilities to a new hospital location. The provision of utilities was essential for the development of the new hospital and played a critical role in facilitating residential growth on the northwest side of the City.

Overall, the City of Cumberland has recognized the significance of these infrastructure upgrades and expansions to meet the demands of its unique topography and growing population.

The CBS² team conducted a comprehensive evaluation of Cumberland's wastewater collection system to determine the key areas requiring upgrades. Close collaboration with City staff enabled the identification of specific facility areas that required either rehabilitation or replacement. Subsequently, CBS² developed a detailed plan for system upgrades and the extension of utilities to the new hospital site.

In the project planning, CBS² ensured effective coordination with funding sources, including the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program and USDA-Rural Development funding. By incorporating these funding opportunities into the project, the team aimed to optimize financial resources and maximize the overall impact of the upgrades and extensions.

Through their expertise and collaboration with City staff, CBS² successfully designed the necessary improvements to enhance Cumberland's wastewater collection system and facilitate the utility extension for the new hospital development. The integration of CDBG and USDA-Rural Development funding further strengthened the project's overall viability and efficiency.

The CBS² team played a crucial role in delivering engineering services for various project components. These included gravity sewer lining and replacement, as well as the rehabilitation and replacement of manholes. Additionally, CBS² oversaw the upgrades of several lift stations, the replacement of the force main, and the necessary enhancements to the treatment system.

Furthermore, CBS² successfully designed and implemented a utility extension, along with a new lift station, to cater to the needs of the newly established hospital. This comprehensive approach allowed for the seamless integration of the hospital's utility requirements into the existing infrastructure.

By providing their expertise in engineering, CBS² ensured the successful completion of these project components. Their contribution encompassed a range of essential tasks, ultimately contributing to the overall improvement and efficiency of Cumberland's wastewater collection system.

Final construction of this multi-phased project is anticipated to be complete in 2024.

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